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Baker Builders building standards are among the best in the area. We are the Norvell home building contractors that can get you a fresh start in life as we do custom homes and remodeling.

We are a licensed general contractor and new home builder, our who specializes in new construction and keeps buildings up to codes in Norvell, MI. This will make your new home among the best of new homes in the area.

There is no layer of new construction management between you and your home builder that we cannot handle. Communication is vital to a successful building experience. As a new home construction and remodeling contractor, we have built hundreds of new modular and custom homes.

When we build your new home, we also upgrade the truss load weight design of your home so that you can install a tile roof at a later time if not when we build your home. This will save you a considerable amount of money in the future and also provide you with a stronger home in the present and this is important as a new home owner.

Norvell Modular Homes

Our team of home building contractors will deliver quality to you and your family. The construction of a new Norvell modular home can be an exciting time in your life and we want to make the experience a positive one.

We can make the design fit your lifestyle and also meet the needs of the homeowner’s association too. One thing that we don’t do is cut down on quality. Quality is an important aspect for as and our building skills.

Don’t settle for second best. Call the building experts today for help. When you have decided that you want a new home built that will save you money and time, you can come to us for help.

Norvell Custom Homes

Having a Norvell custom home built can be all that you want it to be as everything from the flooring to the roofing system will be designed for you only. Your home will be able to stand out in the sea of uniform homes in the area.

We take your dreams and make them come true. A custom home is designed with interior and exterior images. It starts with an idea and builds onto there. Don’t waste time buying what everyone else has. Make your life different.

Contact our Norvell home building contractors for help with your new construction and have work done professionally and on schedule. Your time is money and we want to provide you with all that we can for your dollar.


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