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If you are ready to finally have your dreams realized with your brand new home, then you need to make absolutely certain that you have the work performed by a licensed and insured home construction professional.  Choosing to go with an experienced contractor is the best way to get quality results when constructing a home, whether you are going for a custom, modular, or panelized model.  By turning to the expert team at Baker Builders, you can rest easy knowing that you will be getting a quality home built by the leading design and construction professionals in Napoleon.

Baker Builders has been serving the needs of the Napoleon area for over 30 years, and due to this we can provide you with results that stand apart from the competition.  Our team is wholly dedicated to providing only the best quality service, and we accept only excellence from each and every one of our professional contractors.  If you’ve been considering constructing a new home, conducting a major remodel, or improvements, you need to see what the team at Baker Builders can do for you.

Make certain that your home is being constructed by professionals with the know-how to do it right, call on Baker Builders at 517-784-1100 for all your home building needs.

Some of services include:

  • Modular Homes
  • Panelized Homes
  • Custom Home Building
  • Log Homes
  • Home Remodeling
  • Home Additions

Napoleon – Highest Quality Modular Homes

If you want a swiftly constructed home at a more affordable rate, then you should consider turning to a pre-fab modular home.  Just because it is pre-fab does not mean that you are sacrificing in class.  Modular homes are becoming increasingly popular as of late, as their designs and material strengths have drastically improved, and their manufactured quality can provide long lasting results and luxury that rivals some of the best custom homes.

A pre-fab home is actually faster to build as they are assembled off-site, which has the added advantage of protecting them from potential damage that can occur to the materials during on-site construction.  A quality Napoleon modular home is sure to last a lifetime, and with the wide-variety of design options out there, there is absolutely no reason that you should not at least consider a modular home.

Napoleon Custom Homes

If you have your heart set on a design that you cannot find in pre-fab and panelized homes, then going the route of a custom home is the right choice for you.  With the help of Baker Builders you will be able to easily achieve the custom home that you have always been after.  Our design professionals will work with you from start to finish finding the perfect plan, and developing a home that fits your desires.

Each one of our contractors is knowledgeable in constructing custom homes and the years of building experience that we have established will help you achieve the results that you are no doubt after.  We are willing to handle any design challenge and are dedicated to bringing you the custom home that you’ve dreamed of.



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