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Looking For A Professional Home Builder in Cement City?

Cement City Home BuilderIf you want to construct your new home in confidence, you need look no further than the experienced home building contractors at Baker Builders. We have over 30 years of experience as a Cement City home builder and have established ourselves with a reputation for quality and satisfaction in delivering our customers only the best quality homes using the highest quality materials. Be it a concrete home, modular home, panelized home, or log home, we’re the best Cement City home builder for the job and can guarantee you only the best no matter what type of home you choose to build in the Cement City area.

We build every one of our homes to the best specifications and have earned our reputation as the best Cement City home builder by delivering quality results. If you’re ready to build a new Cement City area home, or engage in a major home remodeling project, contact us today!


Cement City Modular Homes

Our home-building contractors will guarantee you the best in Cement City modular homes, using our experience in the market to design you the best of these high-end homes, using the best manufacturers and quality components. Despite being pre-fab, Cement City modular homes are a great option that still possess a custom-built feel with the added benefit of heightened quality control. We can construct exactly the kind of Cement City modular home that you have been dreaming of. Despite not being built entirely on-site, Cement City modular homes are just as luxurious as these traditionally constructed homes.

  • Modular Homes are environmentally friendly
  • Sturdy design and reliable construction
  • Dramatically faster build time
  • Lower cost building materials and labor

Cement City Custom Homes

A custom home is the absolute best path to take if you have a specific look in mind for your Cement City dream home. When designing your custom home you will want the expert assistance of design professionals who know what works and what does not, and with Baker Builders you will get that assistance. We can offer you needed advice on developing the plan and blueprint for your new home, and will under see its construction with the utmost care!


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