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What is a  Leoni General ContractorWhen you’re constructing your new home, you want to make certain that you go with a builder that has a legacy of industry experience, and when you turn to the professional team at Baker Builders you are getting just that.  We have over 30 years of work experience serving the construction needs of the Leoni area.  If you want results that you can take pride in, Baker Builders can help supply you with the Leoni dream home that you have always wanted.

We build each and every one of our homes to your specifications, bottom to top, and know that you will be pleased with the end results of any project we embark upon.  Our services extend beyond home construction into remodeling and improvement services as well.  If there’s a major home remodeling overhaul that you’ve been considering, then there is no better place to turn than our expert staff.

Get the difference that 30 years of experience creating quality homes can provide, call on Baker Builders for all of your home remodeling and building needs.

Some of the home building services we provide include:

  • Modular Homes
  • Custom Home Building
  • Panelized Homes
  • Log Homes

Leoni – Reliable Modular Homes

By turning to the experienced team at Baker Builders you will be getting only the absolute best in Leoni home construction.  All of our modular homes are factory built, providing a reliable and consistent quality that eliminates the possibility of on-site damage while waiting for the construction to take place.  Pre-fab is an excellent alternative to custom homes and do not lack for personality or design options.

Pre-fab constructed homes have come a long way in recent years, and new design options have allowed us to create modular homes that rival on-site built homes for luxury.  We have up-kept a strong working relationship with our manufacturers, meaning we will even be able to pass the savings onto you.

Leoni Custom Homes

If you have a unique design in mind that you want to have fully realized, then going the route of a custom home is the right choice for you.  With the help of Baker Builders you will be able to easily achieve the custom home that you have always been after.  Our design professionals will work with you from start to finish finding the perfect plan, and developing a home that fits your desires.

All of our contractors are well versed in constructing custom homes and the years of building experience that we have established will help you achieve the results that you are no doubt after.  We are willing to handle any design challenge and are dedicated to bringing you the custom home that you’ve dreamed of.



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