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Having your home built is an exciting but overwhelming process. The home building contractor you choose will make all the difference in whether this project is easy for you, or a challenge. It also will determine if you end up loving your new home, or feeling like you have settled.

Savvy locals choose Baker Builders because we are known for delivering nothing short of 100% customer satisfaction. We are able to do this because we take the time needed to listen to the needs of each of our clients. It is our job to make the process as simplified and enjoyable for you, and ensure that you are beyond thrilled with the end results. At Baker Builders, Inc., our team of home building contractors, want to be your Lansing Charter Township home building contractor.

Lansing Charter Township Modular Homes

The fact that modular homes are built faster than 100% on-site built traditional houses is one big reason to opt to go this way. However, there are plenty of other reasons to be a fan of this style of housing.
For instance, did you know that, like standard homes, a modular house can be customized? It’s true, even though there is a popular misconception to the contrary.

This type of home can be built to withstand winds up to 175mph, and can still be erected on a basement or crawlspace, like standard houses. Considered a form of green building, you still have the same variety of sizes, styles and other details. Whether you know you want a modular home, or just want to find out more about it, we can provide you with what you need.

Building Your Custom Home in Lansing Charter Township

One of the top reasons local homeowners like being able to custom build their own home is that they get to select the features that matter most to them, such as:

Any possible special accommodations, such as to create an aging in place residence, or for anyone with limited mobility.

As much use of natural light as desired, or as little as possible – some people prefer less windows and more privacy.

You can include as many safety and security features as you would like. The average homeowner designing their own place tends to go big when it comes to fire safety features, which is a good idea.


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